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Retaining your microwave's sterling finish is imperative and our unique range of cleaning solutions will make it sparkle! What's more, the 'no added caustic' formula is safe to use on any surface - enamelled, chrome or stainless steel - working to protect the finish of your clean microwave oven.

Cooker and Microwave Cleaning

Cookers come in a range of makes, models and designs and whether you require a specific ceramic hob cleaning service, enamel cleaning or stainless steel hob cleaning, our specialists are fully trained to achieve a showroom result on your gas or electric hob every time.

Do you find microwave cleaning a difficult, laborious task? Then cast aside your cleaning gloves, because you needn't worry how to clean your microwave any longer! Our oven cleaning specialists are fully trained to clean all kinds of appliances.

Best Oven & BBQ Cleaning Service in Sydney

Sydney Oven Clean Service's unique deep clean products are also designed to clean microwave ovens. Sydney Oven Clean Service specialists have the expertise to tackle all makes and models to get great results from all microwave oven cleans and combination microwave grill cleans.

Our 'no added caustic' cooker cleaning solutions, unique to Sydney Oven Clean Service, will give your hob a sparkling clean finish. What's more, the gentle formula is safe to use on any surface - from ceramic to enamelled, and chrome to stainless steel, we work to uphold and protect the finish of your hob.

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Is your gas hob difficult to light? It could be that over the years, tiny bits of dust, food and grime have blocked the holes that emit gas. With the right tools these can be cleaned fairly easily, allowing your hob to work more efficiently.